Leather furniture is a sophisticated and stylish addition to any home, offering durability, elegance, and comfort. However, regular use, exposure to sunlight, and accumulation of dirt, body oils, and dust can deteriorate leather furniture over time, impacting its appearance, comfort, and lifespan. Professional leather cleaning services by Select Carpet Care, a reputable carpet cleaning company based in Edmonton, Alberta, offer homeowners a solution to preserve their leather furnishings’ beauty, durability, and luxury.

Utilizing a water-based hot carbonated cleaning process, Select Carpet Care provides exceptional leather cleaning services that are gentle, effective, and environmentally friendly. This innovative cleaning approach eliminates dirt, allergens, and bacteria, restoring your leather furniture’s natural beauty and suppleness without exposing your family or the environment to harsh chemicals. “Our leather cleaning services ensure that our clients can continue to enjoy the enduring elegance, comfort, and durability of their leather furniture,” says Lisa Smith, Owner of Select Carpet Care.

Regular professional cleaning of your leather furniture maintains its aesthetic appeal and contributes to a clean, comfortable, and healthy living environment. This article will explore the benefits of Select Carpet Care’s leather cleaning services in Edmonton, discuss their unique cleaning process, and offer valuable tips for maintaining your leather furniture between professional cleanings. Trust Select Carpet Care for your leather cleaning needs and experience the difference well-maintained leather furniture can make in your home’s overall comfort and luxury.

Leather Furniture Care and Cleaning: The Importance

Longevity of Your Leather Furniture

Regular professional cleaning helps maintain the quality and appearance of your leather furniture, extending its lifespan. Professional cleaning removes dirt, body oils, and other contaminants that can lead to leather deterioration or fading, ensuring the lasting beauty of your furnishings.

Healthier Living Environment

Leather furniture can harbour allergens, dust mites, and bacteria that can cause various health issues. Professional cleaning services eliminate these harmful elements, creating a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Maintains Comfort and Luxury

Leather furniture provides unmatched comfort and luxury, which can diminish over time with regular use. Professional cleaning helps maintain the suppleness and plushness of your leather furniture, preserving its comfort and luxury for years to come.

Select Carpet Care’s Leather Cleaning Process

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

Using a water-based hot carbonated cleaning process, Select Carpet Care offers an environmentally friendly leather cleaning solution that’s safe for your family and the earth. This innovative approach avoids harsh chemicals that can damage your leather furniture or pose risks to your health and the environment.

Expertise in Leather Care

Select Carpet Care’s experienced technicians possess extensive knowledge of various types of leather, ensuring that your furniture receives the most appropriate care. Employing proper cleaning techniques tailored to each type of leather guarantees the optimal preservation of your furniture’s appearance and quality.

Customized Cleaning Approach

Considering factors like leather type, age, and condition, Select Carpet Care’s technicians customize their cleaning approach for each piece of furniture. This personalized service ensures that each client receives the most effective and appropriate care for their leather furnishings.

Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Furniture Between Cleanings

Regular Dusting

Use a soft, dry cloth to dust your leather furniture routinely. This will prevent dust, allergens, and dirt from accumulating. This simple practice will also help keep your furniture looking fresh and clean between professional cleanings.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading and drying out of your leather furniture. Place your leather furnishings away from windows or other sunlight sources to maintain their beautiful appearance and prevent damage.

Condition Your Leather

Applying a high-quality leather conditioner every six months can help keep your leather furniture soft, supple, and looking its best. To ensure the most effective care, be sure to choose a conditioner recommended for your specific type of leather.


Select Carpet Care’s professional leather cleaning services in Edmonton provide numerous benefits, including the preservation of your leather furniture’s beauty, durability, and comfort. Their eco-friendly hot carbonated cleaning process, along with their expertise in leather care, guarantees an optimal solution for preserving your leather furnishings’ aesthetic appeal and functionality. Regularly entrusting your leather furniture to Select Carpet Care ensures a comfortable and inviting living environment and helps you maintain the elegance, luxury, and allure of your home. Contact their team today at 587-290-2439!

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